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Sworn translations, with apostille and legalisation of official documents for overseas
Target language copywriting for the creation of marketing and website texts
Printing of catalogues, technical manuals and brochures (working directly with our printing house partner)
Customised individual and group language courses taught by experienced teachers (in person at the client's premises and online)

Interpreting & Conferences

An excellent interpreting service can make all the difference, whether for business negotiations or during a conference. This is why we carefully select interpreters and hostesses for events, conferences and business meetings, providing them with all the necessary support and documents required for the preparation stage.

Our interpreters are all top professionals with excellent linguistic qualifications and proven experience in the sector relative to the event in question. They have all the skills need to effectively manage any situation, not only in terms of language, but also on a personal level.

Our interpreting service includes:

Interpreters for in-company courses and training

Studio De Novo provides more than just an interpreting service, also offering total organisation of conferences and congresses, including:

Sourcing of the location best suited to the client’s requirements
Transcription from audio, translation and printing of texts
Organisation of guided and tourist tours in conjunction with company events
Audio and sound
Booths for simultaneous interpreting
Headphones for participants, both for simultaneous and bidule systems

Any other equipment required to ensure the success of the event.

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